Month: October 2012

The information contained within, including references to taxation, legislation, regulation, or any other issues or concerns may no longer apply. This information is pre-published.

A third year of Council Tax freeze

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced new support for local authorities in England to help them freeze council tax for 2013-2014. The Government will set aside an extra £450 million to help freeze council tax bills in England. The support for local authorities means that taxpayers living in an average Band D home in […]

Changes to UK Child Benefit rules

Changes to the rules on Child Benefit come into force in January 2013 and will reduce the entitlement of about 1.2 million families. Families where one parent is earning more than £50,000 a year will no longer be able to claim the total amount of child benefit, under government rules which will be implemented by […]

Optimising the risk-return trade off

The risk-return trade-off is a concept that every investor should be familiar with. Stated simply, it means that to gain a higher potential return on an investment, you have to accept more risk. It’s also important to understand what those risks might be, like the risk of losing some of your capital, the risk of […]

Difficult choices – ISAs or Pension savings?

In the UK, we may be putting more savings into stocks and shares ISAs than into personal pensions. Reporting on savings trends in the 2010/2011 tax year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said savers put £14.3bn into personal pensions in that tax year, compared with £15.8bn into stocks and shares ISAs. This compares with […]

October Market Commentary

‘No news is good news’ as the old saying goes – or as world stock markets interpreted it in September, ‘No catastrophic news is good enough, thank you.’ Clearly all is still not well with the world’s economy, but there were no full blown crises in September and most stock markets took this as their […]


The financial advantages of getting married

Marriage is not for everyone, and for people with complex family lives it can create as many problems as it solves. The cost of a wedding can be huge, and a messy divorce can set you back even further, but for those who stay together the financial benefits of marriage remain considerable. If you are, […]

Auto Enrolment is coming: here’s what it means to you

As has been widely reported, there’s been a problem with UK pensions for many years. Outside the public sector not enough people are saving enough money for their retirement – and this month the latest attempt to solve the problem begins. Various Governments over the years have tried various methods to persuade us to save […]

Will the housing market be boosted?

Recently, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, alongside the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, set out a major housing and planning package that includes a raft of proposed measures aimed at supporting businesses, developers and first-time buyers, while slashing unnecessary red tape across the planning system. Their announced package of measures includes: removing restrictions on […]