Month: January 2013

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The Government Overhauls the State Pension System

Given the Government’s recent introduction of Auto-Enrolment and the determination to see as many people as possible enrolled in company pension schemes, it was inevitable that they would also turn their attention to the state pension. Pensions Minister Steve Webb has now introduced a White Paper setting out the proposed changes, which will come in […]

Retiring at 55 is becoming a luxury of the past…

According to Aviva’s latest Real Retirement Report, the over-55s in the UK are increasingly working past the traditional retirement age as larger numbers fall back on their savings in later life to meet living costs. Research interviews with more than 14,600 UK consumers aged over 55, between February 2010 and November 2012, informs the Aviva […]


Aviva reports on the Unpaid Work of Retired People

It is estimated that 10.4 million over-65s give up 10 hours each per week typically, to volunteer to support their families or work locally within charities or in local communities. The combined efforts of this ‘volunteer army’ add up to 104 million hours of free work, worth £643.8 million per week at the national minimum […]


Buying a Business? Consider this…

Buying a business is for most people, a big move, a life-changing move and not a step to be taken lightly, unless you are among those few who can afford to do it without risk to yourself or your status! Why seek to buy a business? There may be a need, for example, to remove competition […]

January Market Commentary

December’s least surprising headline duly arrived on January 1st: Deal reached on Fiscal Cliff. For the whole of December (barely pausing for Christmas) President Obama and Congress argued over the deal needed to avoid the ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ the raft of tax rises that would have been a body blow to Middle America and impacted severely […]


Your 10 most common ISA questions answered

Christmas is over for another year, which means it’s not long – hopefully – before the first signs of Spring appear and we start to turn our attention to the end of the financial year. For many investors and savers this means making sure they contribute to an Individual Savings Account (or ISA, as they’re […]

Looking ahead to 2013

When you look ahead to 2013, your glass could be half full or half empty. In the UK the lights have just gone out in the last Comet store. And yet Nissan are pumping £250m into Sunderland to build a luxury small car and create hundreds of jobs. The employment data in the US has […]

Moving abroad? Take our advice on investment planning…

One thing you should always bear in mind when heading overseas is the effect currency fluctuations will have on your money. For example, a few years ago there were many older expats living in eurozone countries such as Spain and France who were reliant on a relatively small UK pension income. When the pound weakened […]

GDP Growth – Third Quarter 2012

Provisional estimates show that quarterly gross domestic product (GDP) in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) area grew by 0.2% in the third quarter of 2012, the same rate as in the previous quarter, but with continuing diverging patterns across countries. GDP growth is seen by many as a key economic performance indicator […]