Month: February 2013

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Financial planning in your twenties, thirties and forties

This is the first of two articles where we look at ‘financial planning through the decades:’ how your financial planning needs change through the various stages of your life. Clearly the average client’s planning needs are completely different in their twenties to their fifties and, while it’s true to say there’s no such thing as […]

February Market Commentary

January opened with the USA economy – if not the whole world – having been saved from tumbling over the Fiscal Cliff thanks to a last minute deal between Barack Obama and the US Congress. Financial markets around the globe let out a brief sigh of relief and enjoyed a couple of days’ rally. Unfortunately […]

The truth about start-up and accelerator loans

The Government’s Start Up Loan Scheme provides loans of around £2,500 and business advice to young entrepreneurs. Since the scheme was launched last autumn, just 460 businesses have been funded, following applications from 3,000 people. The Government says 2,500 loans will have been issued by March 2013. The Prime Minister recently announced that funding for […]

How to make your child a millionaire

”How to make your child a millionaire – through regular investing and using perfectly legitimate tax dodges’’ – the headline of a recent article in the Daily Mail. Reading this article also makes it clear that we need to be well off to achieve this aim, and even more so, if we have more than one […]

UK inflation at the end of December 2012

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that the headline rate of inflation remained unchanged for the third month in a row. The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) showed that prices increased by 2.7% in the year ending December 2012, this is the same annual rate as was seen in the previous […]