Month: March 2013

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March Market Commentary

Politics seems to impact more and more on economics – and somehow, always at the end of the month. December ended with the last minute deal which averted the Fiscal Cliff in the US; January with Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy denying allegations of secret payments and at the end of February there were yet more […]

The New Proposals on Long Term Care and what they mean for your Financial Planning

In the Spring of last year retirement specialist LV= produced a report looking at the future of long term care in the UK. With increased life expectancy, LV= predicted that the number of people needing care – either in their own home or in specialist retirement homes – would surge by the year 2025, reaching […]

Financial Planning in your fifties, sixties and seventies

Last month we looked at basic financial planning in the early part of your life – through your twenties, thirties and forties. But what about the second stage of life? It’s easy to assume that all the major changes in life – finding a job, marriage, a family – take place in the early years. […]

The State of the UK Banks and what it means for your Financial Planning

Once upon a time it was all so simple. Nothing could be safer than the UK banks. They were the cornerstone of every fund manager’s income portfolio. Do you want to build your financial planning on shares that would protect you against market fluctuations and deliver a steadily increasing dividend income? Sober, well-run, cautious businesses […]