Month: October 2014

The information contained within, including references to taxation, legislation, regulation, or any other issues or concerns may no longer apply. This information is pre-published.

October Market Commentary

Throughout the summer this bulletin has been focused on events in the Ukraine, now we have an admittedly uneasy truce in the region and the focus of the world’s discontent has moved elsewhere. At time of writing, pro-democracy protesters are occupying the streets of Hong Kong and a coalition of 40 countries is in the […]

Penalties for inaccuracies in returns and documents by Keith Knight, Turner Hampton

HMRC’s penalty regime enables them to charge a penalty where a taxpayer submits a return or other document that contains an inaccuracy, which results in tax being underpaid, understated or over-claimed and where there was a careless inaccuracy or a deliberate inaccuracy. A penalty will not normally be charged if the inaccuracy occurred despite reasonable […]

Important pension notice: 55% ‘death tax’ abolished

Ahead of the major pension changes already announced for April 2015, the Chancellor, George Osborne, this week announced another shift in pension policy that could have a big impact on many savers and their financial planning requirements. Speaking at the Conservative Party’s Annual Conference, Mr Osborne announced the abolition of a so-called ‘death tax’, which […]

Families with dependent children lack financial protection

Only a quarter (24%) of adults in the UK with children under 16 have any form of financial protection, a significant drop from 31% in 2013, according to the latest research from the Scottish Widows Protection Report. With over half (54%) of this group admitting that their savings would last just a couple of months if they were […]