Month: December 2014

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December Market Commentary

November saw the G20 group of world leaders meeting in Canberra. The summit was notable for the new sport invented by the great and good: a bizarre game of musical chairs in order to avoid being photographed sitting next to Vladimir Putin! Not to be outdone in the social pariah stakes, David Cameron turned Cassandra, […]

Report reveals vast disparity between the sexes retirement finances

Recent research from MGM Advantage, the retirement income specialist, reveals alarming disparities between the retirement finances of men and women. Although, on average, people in retirement feel that they need an additional £130 per week on top of their current income to be financially comfortable, women’s financial position in retirement is already more austere than […]

The importance of understanding investment risk in financial planning

Many people have successfully made substantial fortunes from investing over the years, in various ways and styles, using many different methods. They would have had one thing in common: a fixation on the management of their downside risk. Risk is inherent within the investment structure. “It comes with the territory” – to achieve a return […]

Pensions in 2015: a brief update on what to look out for

2014 was a momentous year for pensions. Changes around how pensions could be drawn at retirement and how death taxes on pensions would be improved were both announced in the year, with the intention that all these new rules will be in place by the end of April 2015. For a pension saver, the landscape […]



As you will probably know, under the former ISA rules, on the death of an ISA saver, the income and capital gains tax benefits of the ISA were withdrawn. Following an announcement in the Autumn Statement on 3 December, from 3 December 2014 the spouse/civil partner of a deceased ISA saver will be able to […]