Month: February 2015

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February Market Commentary

The great thing about writing this bulletin is that you make a note of something which looks hugely significant around the middle of the month and then something else comes along which makes it pale into insignificance. In this case the ‘hugely significant’ event was the fall in UK inflation – what came along was […]

Seven tips for making the best of your savings

For those of us with savings placed away in cash, it is not a great time for high interest returns. Most deposit accounts currently pay a very small rate of interest but there are still ways to build a savings nest egg and get a worthwhile return on your money. 1. Don’t forget to put […]

How Much Income Will I Need in Retirement?

Everyone’s idea of what income is needed to provide you with an ‘acceptable standard of living’ in retirement is different. In addition, no estimate remains the same for long as prices and the cost of living change year-on-year. However here, drawing upon published material from Standard Life and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), we look […]

Video: Care Planning

When it comes to planning for your retirement, it pays to consider every possible circumstance. Care Planning is an important part of your wider financial plan. Take a look at why it is so important to consider this sooner rather than later…