Month: July 2015

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July Market Commentary

An essential part of writing this bulletin each month is making daily notes on the main business and stock market news. This month we have comfortably broken our record – more than six pages of notes. And as you might expect, about half of those pages are about Greece and its debts. ‘An agreement was in sight’ […]

Sun, sea, sand… and savings: Money tips for the summer months

Whilst the summer brings bright evenings and warm weather, it can also be a very expensive time of year. Handy tips to help you save money whilst the sun is shining (hopefully) are always welcome, as even the smallest savings can build up to give you a little extra cash at the end of each […]

July 2015 Budget Preview

George Osborne will deliver the second Budget of 2015 on Wednesday, July 8th, just two months – almost to the day – after the Conservatives secured an outright majority in the General Election. With all the pundits predicting a hung parliament, the Conservatives secured an overall majority of 12; not huge but – in the […]

Planning around the retirement threshold

By now, if you are somewhere in the retirement experience – either approaching it, passing through it or leaving it behind – you will already have experienced firsthand your own childhood and maybe that of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now you are heading to experience later life, which for most of us will stretch […]