Month: March 2016

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March Market Commentary

February was another month where the problem for this commentary was what to leave out: the world is not short of ‘events’ at the moment. In the Far East, North Korea successfully fired a long range rocket, causing consternation in Tokyo and Seoul. Closer to home, David Cameron returned from Brussels with his deal on […]

Pension tax changes: Should you pay more before relief rates are curtailed?

Given recent comment from George Osborne, and mentions of the same during the Autumn Statement, it appears as though pension tax is set for a shake-up in 2016. With that in mind, there appears to be a potential opportunity for higher-rate taxpayers to make the most of their savings while the good times last. Though […]

More debate on care costs, as four out of ten say they would deplete wealth to avoid paying

Forty-three per cent of people in England would deliberately deplete their wealth to avoid paying for care, leading to more pressure on state finances than ever before, statistics from the latest Partnership Care Report show. Findings in the report show the number of people prepared to reduce their assets below the £23,250 annual threshold to […]

Nine suggestions you might not have considered for your bucket list

Bucket lists are, of course, very individual things. We will all have places that we want to travel to and things that we want to do which don’t necessarily chime with everyone else’s goals. However, bucket lists can also be surprisingly difficult to generate! The things that you really want to do one day might […]