Month: July 2016

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July Market Commentary

This time last month David Cameron was firmly in place as UK Prime Minister, facing the equally secure Jeremy Corbyn across the despatch box. Both of them were backing Remain in the forthcoming EU Referendum and – despite the occasional flurry of support for Leave – the UK looked set to stay a member of […]

Do you know your partner’s bank balance?

A recent study by Experian of over a thousand US couples has revealed that the majority of spouses had no real knowledge of their other half’s finances until after they were married. Almost a third admitted to being surprised by what they learned from their partner’s bank statements once they saw them. 36% of respondents […]

Property prices in 2016: higher or lower?

There are no end of financial reasons for the property market to be unpredictable at the moment, but recent figures from two leading statistical institutes make the situation during the start of 2016 even harder to fathom. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released figures which suggest that property prices saw a considerable rise in […]

Financial face-off: men vs. women!

A study by the worldwide research, consulting and professional development organisation, LIMRA, that compared the financial approaches of men and women, has found that there are key differences between the two sexes in both their methods of financial planning and in their decision-making processes. When it comes to sharing financial decisions, over two thirds of […]