Month: September 2016

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September Market Commentary

By and large August was a good – but unexciting – month for the major world stock markets we cover in this commentary. There were no dramatic gains – Hong Kong was the star performer with a rise of 5% – and two or three markets did their best to do nothing at all, but […]

Property funds in the post-Brexit world

Following the Brexit result of the EU referendum on 23rd June, a number of property funds chose to suspend redemptions following huge amounts of withdrawals from investors. This led to many predicting a gloomy future for the funds, but as we move further on from the referendum, many are changing their predictions to one of […]

Online pensions dashboard getting closer

Origo, the technology provider taking the lead on developing an online pensions dashboard, has suggested that a fully operational platform could go live as early as next year. The company revealed last month that the back-end technology is now finished, meaning that only the front-end (the part users will interact with) needs to be completed […]


How will your spending habits change in retirement?

It will come as a surprise to nobody that retirement is one of the biggest lifestyle changes you’ll ever experience. But as your priorities shift and the free time available to you increases, what you might not be as aware of is the way in which your spending habits are likely to alter too. A […]