Month: November 2016

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Well and truly Trump’d

Well, what a couple of weeks!  The initial shock to global equity markets after pricing in a Clinton win appeared limited last week, with the US equity market reaching a new closing high for the first time since August.  This will be largely due to President-Elect Trump’s pledge to cut taxes and deliver a package […]

November Market Commentary

Introduction We left you last month having reported on September as a month where ‘nothing much happened’ on the world’s stock markets. For many of the major markets October was much the same: only three of the twelve markets we cover were down in the month, but most managed only small gains. As you’ll see […]

New lifetime allowance could hit more than just ‘pension millionaires’

The latest figures surrounding the pensions lifetime allowance (LTA), which governs how much your pensions can be worth without triggering an extra tax charge, suggest that a considerable number of middle-income earners are being hit by the lower threshold. The amount collected from pensions exceeding the LTA by HMRC during the 2015-16 tax year came to […]

How’s global growth doing?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently published its ‘World Economic Outlook’ report which suggests that whilst global growth in 2016 has been substandard, this is set to improve somewhat during 2017. The IMF’s report states that stifled global growth this year has been caused largely by the Brexit vote and the economic slowdown in the […]

Does buy-to-let still pay?

The popularity of investing in property to fund retirement remains prevalent, in spite of the government’s attempts to make buy-to-let less and less attractive. But is buy-to-let investment really a viable alternative to a pension pot, for example? A recent study has investigated the numbers behind each option. The research looked at how £100,000 would […]