Month: May 2017

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May Market Commentary

Introduction It’s difficult to know where to begin this month. In France? Where Emmanuel Macron, the centrist candidate, successfully defeated the far right’s Marine le Pen to become the youngest ever French president, at just 39. In the UK? Where, having declared several times that she saw no need for a General Election, Theresa May […]

Clarus in the Community – Guildford County School

The evening of Saturday 13th May 2017 was a temporary change of direction for the Team at Clarus Wealth as we all became bar tenders for night…perhaps this requires some explanation and background. As most of you will know, Clarus Wealth wants to (and likes to!) give back to the community.  Often we have committed […]

Should we be paid to exercise at work?

Following the findings of the British Heart Foundation that over 20 million UK people are classed as physically inactive, the discussion of just how to tackle this growing problem has emerged once again. One suggestion is that it’s now time for employers to make physical exercise part of the paid working day. Many tech companies, […]

‘Alternative investments’: from children’s books to memorabilia

If you’ve got some spare cash left over from more traditional, structured investments, then you could follow in the footsteps of the growing number of people investing in collectibles. As well as providing something physical to enjoy and look after in a way that other investments can’t, many collectible items can increase in value as […]

Providing for my family even though I am not around

In general, as a nation we are considerably under-insured.   Perhaps the reason for this is simple, that nobody wants to think about or plan for a future where they are not around. Or thinking about having to cope with a serious illness for them or one of their family is to depressing. Maybe, we  think […]