Month: July 2017

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July Market Commentary

June was a fairly quiet month. Well, apart from the chaotic General Election in the UK. Oh – and the decisive win for Emmanuel Macron in the French parliamentary elections. And the start of the Brexit negotiations. And Italy was forced to bail out two more banks. President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate […]

Why retirement is worrying millennials and what steps they are taking

A recent study by HSBC has revealed the main financial worries of the ‘millennial’ generation, recognised as those born between 1980 and 1997. As its title suggests, the ‘Future of Retirement’ survey focuses primarily on how millennials feel about how they are preparing for life after work, but also delves into the wider issues around […]

4 top tips on what to do in the first 30 days of your retirement

So, you’ve decided when you’re going to retire and you know what you’re going to do in the days leading up to your final day in work. You might even have some long term goals that you know you want to achieve during the years of retirement you have ahead of you. But what about […]

Guilty of being a phone addict? How to break free!

The rise of the smartphone has revolutionised the way many people interact with friends and family, run their business and generally live their lives on a day to day basis. But it’s also true that smartphone use can prove disruptive – even addictive – if not monitored. It’s been found that the average adult in […]