Month: September 2017

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Three months to secure a new mortgage rate… (27/9/2017)

If you currently have a fixed rate mortgage product, you might be aware that you have the opportunity to secure a new rate three months before the rate is due to finish. Securing a rate early can be beneficial in case rates go up before your mortgage product finishes. However, subject to meeting the terms […]

September Market Commentary

Introduction It is hard to start this commentary anywhere other than North Korea – or maybe crouching in Japan as a North Korean missile passes overhead. At the beginning of the month, Kim Jong-un threatened to bomb Guam, the US territory in the Western Pacific, and by the end of the month air raid sirens […]

Time, not material goods, raises happiness

A new study has found that paying to free up your time is linked to increasing your level of happiness. Individuals taking part in a psychological experiment said that they felt happier when using $40 (around £30) to save themselves time rather than buying material goods. Stress over not having enough time can lead to […]

What can Britain learn from Germany’s recent tax scandal?

Hitting the headlines earlier this year was the German tax scandal, described as the biggest in the country’s history since the end of the Second World War. A group of international stockbrokers, lawyers and bankers swindled the tax system using practices which were definitely unethical and almost certainly illegal, ultimately depriving the state of close […]

Update on state pensions: essential reading for the under 50s

Recent changes announced by the government to the state pension will result in nearly six million people currently in their forties having to wait longer until they can retire. It’s a development which has raised concerns over the dependability of the state pension, which for many makes up the lion’s share of their retirement income […]