Month: September 2018

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September Market Commentary

Introduction August used to be known as the ‘silly season’. Everyone who made the news was away on holiday, nothing happened and newspapers were desperate to fill their pages. So rather more obscure stories made it into print… That, of course, was before Donald Trump. And Brexit. And Venezuela, Argentina and Greece. And… In short, […]

The Quirky Investor’s Guide: Classic Cars

Except for property, we rarely invest our money into something we can actually use, let alone anything that is going to give us hours and hours of fun. Even if you invest in gold, which might sound like a more interesting option, it’s not as if you can actually wear your invested gold as jewellery… […]

4 key ways to prevent your grown-up children derailing your retirement savings

The Bank of Mum and Dad is a well-known concept and we all hate to see our children struggle financially, which is why many parents continue to support their children well into adulthood. Instead of being ‘empty nesters’, many parents discover that their offspring return to the family home straight after university (that is if […]

Time to start planning an autumn getaway with a difference

Autumn can be a difficult time of the year to plan a getaway. Even Europe’s sunspots can suffer from highly variable weather. In the Algarve, for instance, October temperatures can change from the high twenties to the mid teens. So, booking a beach holiday may not be the best idea. You risk having to fill […]