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The housing market tells two distinct stories

Home-owners with equity to speak of and would-be first time buyers are having particularly different experiences of the housing market at the moment. Cash-rich borrowers have access to mortgages seemingly getting cheaper by the day, whilst those who are trying to buy their first property with small deposits have very few options, if any at […]

What is a green mortgage, and what can it do for you?

Back in 2017, the UK government published their Clean Growth Strategy, a report that included plans to work with lenders in order to create “green mortgage products,” that are able to “take account of the lower lending risk associated with more efficient properties and the reduced outgoings for customers living in more efficient homes.” More […]


February Mortgage News

Since the rate change at the end of 2017 the talk has been when, not if, the next increase will be. In addition, how quickly will the rate start to return to the sorts of levels we were experiencing before the credit crunch in 2008. At the moment the rumblings coming from the bank of England […]


Will I be left behind and what choices do I have?

Given the recent change in the Bank of England base rate to 0.5%, those of us on Tracker or Variable rate mortgages will have seen our mortgage payments increase. For many of us, there is a concern that getting a mortgage might be more difficult due to current affordability rules and changes in our personal […]


Three months to secure a new mortgage rate… (27/9/2017)

If you currently have a fixed rate mortgage product, you might be aware that you have the opportunity to secure a new rate three months before the rate is due to finish. Securing a rate early can be beneficial in case rates go up before your mortgage product finishes. However, subject to meeting the terms […]

Buy-To-Let tax changes. What could they mean for me?

As we draw close to the next tax year, there will be many property investors feeling the pinch and wondering what the future holds for their investments. With a raft of changes in the Buy-To-Let space in the recent years it is no wonder Landlords are concerned about yet another change, which could have far […]

Slow start to housing market predicted for 2017

The housing market is set for a slow start in the new year due to a shortage of homes for sale, according to a survey by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Although property transactions may increase at the beginning of 2017 after slowing since the spring, the survey suggests that any acceleration is […]

How long does it take to sell a house these days?

A recent study has found that the average house in the UK now takes 91 days to sell. The figure is cited in the ‘City Rate of Sale’ report conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) and the Post Office, which examines the average amount of time properties are on the market […]

Does buy-to-let still pay?

The popularity of investing in property to fund retirement remains prevalent, in spite of the government’s attempts to make buy-to-let less and less attractive. But is buy-to-let investment really a viable alternative to a pension pot, for example? A recent study has investigated the numbers behind each option. The research looked at how £100,000 would […]

Property funds in the post-Brexit world

Following the Brexit result of the EU referendum on 23rd June, a number of property funds chose to suspend redemptions following huge amounts of withdrawals from investors. This led to many predicting a gloomy future for the funds, but as we move further on from the referendum, many are changing their predictions to one of […]