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6 bad habits to avoid during retirement

Planning for retirement can be complicated, as anyone approaching the end of their working life will tell you. However, navigating the myriad of choices, both financially and socially, doesn’t have to be such an enigma. Here are a few tips to help you avoid common bad habits that retirees often fall into: 1. Spending your […]

5 key budget takeaways

This year Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his autumn budget a few weeks earlier than usual. Normally the budget is released in mid-November, but this year he gave the budget on 29 October. In the run up to Brexit, Hammond didn’t release any huge announcements. Perhaps he wants to leave plenty of room to accommodate for […]

What might be in the Autumn Budget?

In normal years, the Autumn Budget (formerly the Autumn Statement) is announced in November. However, with less than 6 months left on the countdown to Brexit, this year is far from a normal year. At the end of September, Chancellor Philip Hammond revealed that the Autumn Budget would be released on 29 October which is […]

The financial advantages of saying ‘I do’

A marriage or civil partnership can be a beautiful union of minds and hearts, but there’s no reason why it should end there. There can also be financial benefits to being with your partner, and one of these is the Marriage Allowance. In the 2018-19 tax year, the Marriage Allowance lets you transfer up to […]

What can Britain learn from Germany’s recent tax scandal?

Hitting the headlines earlier this year was the German tax scandal, described as the biggest in the country’s history since the end of the Second World War. A group of international stockbrokers, lawyers and bankers swindled the tax system using practices which were definitely unethical and almost certainly illegal, ultimately depriving the state of close […]

Buy-To-Let tax changes. What could they mean for me?

As we draw close to the next tax year, there will be many property investors feeling the pinch and wondering what the future holds for their investments. With a raft of changes in the Buy-To-Let space in the recent years it is no wonder Landlords are concerned about yet another change, which could have far […]

The Autumn Statement: What it means for you and for the country

The Autumn Statement delivered by chancellor Philip Hammond on 23rd November offers the first major insight into the government’s financial plans both in the lead up to Brexit and in the period immediately following the UK’s departure from the EU. But whilst the country’s economic future was clearly a major factor within Mr Hammond’s first […]

Inheritance tax: the recent changes you need to know about as you plan

The changes to inheritance tax that were introduced in the 2015 Budget will soon come into effect, with some becoming the law as early as April 2017. With less than a year to prepare for these changes, it’s important to ensure you know what to expect and that you’re doing everything you need to in […]

Early Budget teasers, as the Prime Minister lays out plans for ‘an all-out assault on poverty’

Reported recently across the media, David Cameron has promised an ‘all-out assault on poverty’, with a series of social reforms to include better mental health services and mentoring schemes. The PM said new mothers and teenagers with anorexia were among those who would benefit from improved services. He also promised to flatten ‘sink estates’, help […]

July 2015 Budget Preview

George Osborne will deliver the second Budget of 2015 on Wednesday, July 8th, just two months – almost to the day – after the Conservatives secured an outright majority in the General Election. With all the pundits predicting a hung parliament, the Conservatives secured an overall majority of 12; not huge but – in the […]